A highly versatile team has been shaping STK’s identity since its creation three years ago and have forged respected links within TV, film, commercials, music and gaming. They work predominantly but not exclusively in live action and animation and are happiest when combining the two.

The company has lent their expert hand to a number of high profile brands including Nike and Microsoft and earned Grammy Nominations and viral acclaim for their work with musical masters Radiohead. Alongside this, work for TED and mainstream projects for Nationwide and Yazoo have provided a broad portfolio of work.

STK’s strength is in its expanding talent pool, its scalability and commitment to building teams that provide an environment where your ideas have the freedom to evolve. As a result of this, they are happy to partner on projects at any stage – from inception to completion. As an extension of this mindset they are also developing The Shop Window. A space to explore and support other forms of art and design that parallel the STK identity.